November Staff Picks

The Bulletproof Coffin

Cover Artist: Shaky Kane

The Bulletproof Coffin is a collector’s bizarre fever dream with danger at every turn!  A beautiful cavewoman, a prescient eye, a zombie army (literally) of The Hateful Dead… this one has the strangest cast of characters you’ll see in a modern comic.  And Shaky Kane illustrates them all in a way that makes the preposterous look stone-faced serious, all while maintaining a bastardized classic comic feel.   The strange mystery deepens in every issue, ending with a jaw-dropping confrontation that will remind you of Grant Morrison at his very best.

The Amok Bros.

Artist: Jim Kersey

OK stop what you are doing and go read this amazing web comic right now.  This review will wait here so you can read it later. Trust us The Amok Bros may have started as a throw away off-hand warm-up sketch by Jim Kersey, but it has become so much more.   So go now we will wait…. You’re back?  It was good right?!  The story style and humor is a sorta throw back to the heavy metal comics that some of us in the office here grew up with. The artwork is excellent and almost pops off the screen at you.  Which is why it was so hard to take time out and write this up instead of finishing the last panel.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki

Nominated for multiple awards including the 2014 Manga Taishō award and as Best Youth Comic at the 42nd Angoulême International Comics Festival in France and winning the Best Shōnen Manga award at the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards. It is easy to see why The Seven Deadly Sins was made into an Anime the art is interesting and you can see influence from Akira Toriyama and old school shōjo manga in the female characters.  While Elizabeth (the female lead character) remains  shallow with little to no character development throughout the series and the constant fan service with Meliodas’ (the lead male character) perverted actions towards Elizabeth, which are used for comedic relief, could be misinterpreted by some readers.  It’s still a fun read or you can watch the first season of the anime now on Netflix.

The Books of Magic

Cover Artist: John Bolton

Brought to you from the brilliant mind of Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic details Timothy Hunter’s introduction into the magic world, as he’s destined to become one of the most powerful magicians in the world. Tim is guided by The Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Dr. Occult and Mister E. (The Trenchcoat Brigade), as he is pulled through the magic community that would be his new ontology, if he were to accept his destiny. Each member of The Trenchcoat Brigade shows Timothy a different aspect of the world of magic, each having their own metaphysical idea to convey and danger to fear.


Written by Junichi Sato Illustrated by Kaori Naruse

One of the most distinct Magical Girl anime I’ve ever seen, Pretear details the adventures of, Himeno, a loving and outgoing girl, as she finds herself a warrior working alongside the Leafe Knights, to defeat the Demon Larva that are invading Japan. Aside from dealing with the forces of magic, Himeno also finds herself dealing with a troubled home life, as her family plummets into the depths of a dark divergence.


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